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Wednesday, April 09, 2008



Boy, you scared me. When I first read your post and saw the word "writeup," I thought something bad happened.

Here in our county you get written up if you've done something bad. Usually a write-up is a precursor to more serious trouble.

I'm glad your adoption is moving along smoothly. We are still doing foster care, having had the same child with us for more than 18 months. We've known since day one that she wasn't going to be reunified, yet we are still nowhere even close to starting an adoption.

For the past six months, we've been fighting the county's desire to remove our daughter. We have a social worker who decided she didn't like us, and despite the fact that we have many professionals claiming the kid is fine with us, and the child herself (now 12) wants to stay, the worker is doing everything she can to cause trouble.

We are fighting. We had to hire an attorney.

I'm glad that for at least one family, the road to adoption has been easy.


Congrats on the write-up:)

I agree that we need to value and support the Olympics no matter what. Also, I agree that we shouldn't take it out on a countries people for their governments doing.


Is everything okay? Just missing an update:)

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Books for Clutterchild

  • Andrea U'Ren: Pugdog

    Andrea U'Ren: Pugdog
    Pugdog just wants to be a dog, not a GIRL dog. Adorable illustrations, but a bit of overkill with the poodle ending. (****)

  • Rigoberto Gonzalez: Antonio's Card
    Antonio is nervous to show his mother's card with his two moms after the kids laugh at the butch one outside school one day. Nice to see a butch mom. Extra points for being bilingual English/Spanish. (****)
  • Peter Parnell: And Tango Makes Three

    Peter Parnell: And Tango Makes Three
    Another beautifully illustrated book about gay fathers, in this case, two male penguins in the zoo, who raise Tango, their baby from egg. My only problem, "it takes 2 to make a Tango". drat from the single mom point of view. (*****)

  • Latifa Alaoui: Marius
    Wonderful french canadian book about Marius, whose parents are divorced, and his mom has a boyfriend, and his father does too. Beautifully illustrated by Stephane Poulin (*****)