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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Alison Cummins

Valentine's Day is tomorrow - February 14. (We have to know this in my business because we can't do any work on the phone network on Valentine's or Mother's day because with all the phone calls accidentally putting a node down would be disastrous.)

No suggestions for toddler swim. The Montreal Urban Nudists are having their monthly swim night in the UQAM athletic centre on Saturday, which would help with the bathing suit stuff. It starts at 18h30 though, which is probably too late for you. (Men and women share both the men's and women's locker rooms. Almost all adults, with the occasional child enthusiastically welcomed.)

But maybe nudism isn't right for you. Personally, I'm thrilled not to have to endure an icky bathing suit, but that's just me.


don't go! it has to be fun.. and happy valentinesday.....

Alison Cummins

Oh... RE toddler mothers and fathers in the same dressing room. I'm guessing it's that someone imagined a father taking his daughter into the men's dressing room with him and didn't think it felt right.


most rec centre pools have a family swim time. i say get a refund and go to the drop in time and play, sing, and splash. i always liked 'making soup': chop veggies (splash splash!), stir, reach for the noodles (closer to the water), boil the water (blow bubbles). good times.


I would get a refund too. I also think you shouldn't worry about how many activities your little boy is signed up for. Our rule is one physical, one artistic/fun learning, and one social activity. When he was smaller, I think we just had one and it depended on the seasons. I don't know a whole lot about adoption and transitions, buyt for what it is worth, I think menaingful time with mom is more important than how many activities you schlep him to. Personally I would skip swimming in winter (wet and cold -ick!) and go the library instead. Save the swimming for summer and ask how they go about teaching it. What you thought would happen (is what I think should happen) not what you experinced. Juts my two cents, Pink

Krissy Poopyhands

Get a refund. Life is new and strange and shocking enough right now. I would suggest embracing routine, boredom and simple play for a good long time rather than SO! EXCITING!

Remember; if it's not fun, quit. Particularly if he hasn't chosen the activity. Water torture class once a week is not a necessary part of parenting. Just like enforced ball kicking - demand singing - color-right-now-you-toddler-bastard... these are all unnecessary.

If it's not fun, get your money back.


Hey! Have forgotten that you are writing over here, too and haven't checked it out in a while.

Anyway, I took the twins to a class like that when they were a year old and it was pointless for much of the same reasons you state (minus the weird unisex change room). The teacher was all willing at first to hold one of mine and then she seemed to resent it after 5 minutes. Well, that was the only reason I took the darn class! So that I could go with both boys at once. I couldn't do it by myself. Anyway, they didn't seem to do anything that I couldn't do myself, and they did do it at a pace that was too fast and alarming for Naim. No songs, no fun, just drudgery. And then a couple of times I went through all the effort to get there and the instructor didn't show up! Then I was stuck with two babies in swimsuits that want to swim and no way to do it. Leaving one crying or take them both home and both crying. Anyway, I quit the class and then started alternating and taking one each week on my own. We had lots of fun that way and went at our own pace.

So, I say, get a refund, take Dao swimming with you when it fits your schedule, and swim for as long as you want at your own pace!

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