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Monday, January 09, 2006



Glad you are ok!


have to admit that I wasn't that deeply shocked when you went awol. Mostly because that is how I was when I hit a good relationship.
So glad that for the most part it is going well.
Your tenant is weird.
Have a good trip.


I'm pretty sure your tenant can't stop his check because of the repairs. If you took him to court, he'd have to pay up. Especially since the people are now coming to repair the damage. So if things go wacky, you'll win in small claims court. Good luck, and just forget about all the crap while you're gone!



Have a good trip!





OOO I think I get your tenet..... he either wants to keep the rent at the discounted price OR he has stuff going on in his apt that you didn't give him enough time to hide (like marjuana plants growin'). I am currantly pissing off every single friend I have made in the past little bit so I thought I would come over and vist you because you seem so sane.... STOP laughing!!!! :) ok keep laughing.

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Books for Clutterchild

  • Andrea U'Ren: Pugdog

    Andrea U'Ren: Pugdog
    Pugdog just wants to be a dog, not a GIRL dog. Adorable illustrations, but a bit of overkill with the poodle ending. (****)

  • Rigoberto Gonzalez: Antonio's Card
    Antonio is nervous to show his mother's card with his two moms after the kids laugh at the butch one outside school one day. Nice to see a butch mom. Extra points for being bilingual English/Spanish. (****)
  • Peter Parnell: And Tango Makes Three

    Peter Parnell: And Tango Makes Three
    Another beautifully illustrated book about gay fathers, in this case, two male penguins in the zoo, who raise Tango, their baby from egg. My only problem, "it takes 2 to make a Tango". drat from the single mom point of view. (*****)

  • Latifa Alaoui: Marius
    Wonderful french canadian book about Marius, whose parents are divorced, and his mom has a boyfriend, and his father does too. Beautifully illustrated by Stephane Poulin (*****)