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Monday, February 11, 2008



would you forgive a 32 year old married with children girl if she said that somehow it sounds not so much as life dissappointment but as newly mom tiredness? I mean I recognise so much and I had the wedding and the husband..

That and you've worked so hard to get the boy and now all the braincells used for fretting and panicking and paperchasing and daydreaming are out of work?

Thinking of you!


Thanks for sharing such a personal insight. I'm a million miles away from your situation but I think I get it a bit. I think it's hard for anyone to come to terms with the difference between what we'd like our lives to be and the way things come together. Even if the lives we have are pretty awesome after all.


Happy Valentine's Day to you, too. This is a rough week for me. I am sick to death of smiling, happy couples with 2.4 children.

Alison Cummins

Yeah, this is tough. The upside is that you do have that life and family that you built yourself. You may not be in a Pollyanna frame of mind right now, but it's true.

I'm partnered now, but if that were to change I think that would be it. I would die single. No more energy or hope to put into starting over. And then - I wouldn't be a homeowner any more and I still wouldn't have kids. I wouldn't have a career I'd built on my own skills and creativity, but the same series of corporate jobs I'd been slotted into and made the best of. I'd be pretty bereft. I'm quite sure it's not healthy to be that dependent on one other person for a place in life.

But yeah, it's hard when you don't feel loved and wanted and chosen. I won't deny it.



I think we can all relate to a certain extent.
"If I meet someone now, they have to FIT INTO my life, rather than create one with me. Voilà: me, house, kid, dog."
[or in my case: me, farm, kid, clinic, dogs/cats/horses/etc -- AAIIUUUUGH! TOO MUCH BAGGAGE!] In an old journal entry, I likened it to being isolated on a mountain peak; who would want to go through the trouble of climbing up to reach me?!?
One day at a time; I'm afraid I have nothing more profound than that...

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