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Sunday, January 27, 2008



Told ya so! Told ya so! I KNEW you'd be a competent, together, contented mama! xoxoxo

Alison Cummins

An advantage to choosing playdates and classes over daycare for stimulation and social-skills building is that kids who go to playdates and classes stay home when they are sick. Kids who go to daycare go anyway. True, he’s going to get everything eventually, and he’s going to catch some stuff now whether he’s in daycare or not, but my personal prejudice is that it’s better to get a sinus infection when your eustacian tubes are wider and more sharply angled; it’s better to get a cough when your lungs are bigger. If you can put some of these things off for a year or even six months, it’s easier on everyone.

Of course, there are usually reasons to choose daycare that override the details of scheduling colds. (Kind of like the advantages of raising a multilingual child override the downside of a slight delay in verbal language expression.)

Anyway, how are you doing the Mandarin? A visit with a Mandarin-speaking friend, or a formal Mandarin-for-babies class?

Alison Cummins

Oh, and I’ve never found anything better than Vaseline Petroleum Jelly for cracked fingers and hands. I have eczema, so I’ve tried a lot of stuff.


as you already know, growing children are sooooo busy!
I love glaxal base, it often helps with dry, unhappy skin for me.
Good to see your update.


Bag Balm or equiv (I use a horse salve called Corona) for dry, cracked skin... [Dr, heal thyself!]
Glad to hear that you are all settling into a groove!
Best wishes...

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Books for Clutterchild

  • Andrea U'Ren: Pugdog

    Andrea U'Ren: Pugdog
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  • Rigoberto Gonzalez: Antonio's Card
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  • Peter Parnell: And Tango Makes Three

    Peter Parnell: And Tango Makes Three
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