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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Alison Cummins

Yes, totally, totally cute! What impresses me most about seeing him live is how in love with you (and Gretchen) he is. It's so clear it's beautiful to see. When I look at the picture I see him reaching for the dog, but I also see him gazing intently into your face.

Sorry about the aching body. It used to be the aching empty spot where your child wasn't. I hadn't thought about the empty ache being replaced by tendinitis.

Sounds like it's time to develop the single-parent skill of asking for help. One of the lesbian-mom books I read had a chapter about that, and how you needed to practice your asking skills before becoming pregnant by going around asking people for stuff and favours. That seemed odd to me - people feel differently about giving to someone who has similar or fewer needs to themselves vs someone who has more. But point made.

The Dao is so adorable!


Teach the dog to pull the sled!


I had carpel tunnel after J was born. It was from handling the baby and from pressing on the pumping horns. Babying myself is the only thing that made them better. I had to be careful how I positioned myself.

I know this doesn't help in the least.

Try glucosamine for your hip/big bone woes. After a month in your system, you'll see a big difference.


First of all, the Dao is waaaaaaay too cute. I'm glad I was sitting when I saw the picture.

Second, I really wish I had seen your review before I bought our potty. Not that our potty has any flaws, but I like the Bjorn better. But I did let my son pick out his own potty, so there's that.

And best of all, yes - I do have a solution for the tendinitis. I don't think it's a cure, but it helped me with my tendinitis of the shoulder (supraspinatus tendon). I originally tried physical therapy, then injections (totally relieve the symptoms, but don't fix the problem. Then I tried this: castor oil mixed with eucalyptus oil. I rub it on every morning, have been for the past couple of months. Barely notice it any more. The relief has been gradual, and I do have to pay attention to how I move that shoulder because I don't want to aggrivate it, but it worked.

Buy a 4 oz bottle of castor oil, it's about $1.50. Then buy a .5 oz bottle of EITHER eucalyptus oil or peppermint oil. The essential oils help the castor to penetrate through the skin and into the joint.

Mix them together in one bottle or container and rub a small amount over your elbow. You can do this twice a day, I suppose even three times a day. I never felt oily - it does absorb well into your skin.

Also, try taking Yucca, 2 capsules twice a day. That helps with joint pain, too. You can get it in most health food stores, in healthy sections of your supermarket or online. That helped me too.

Also, my sacroiliac joint was bothering me all day yesterday. It really felt like something was off. I asked my husband to rub some of the castor oil mix on it last night and the pain was gone when I woke up this morning.

I hope this works for you - the remedy is from Edgar Cayce. All I know is that I was genuinely surprised and thrilled that it worked for me. And it's inexpensive. The most expensive thing you'll have to spring for is the essential oils. That was about $7 and change.

Well, I've gone on enough. Hang in there, and best wishes with EVERYTHING! Hope you're having a wonderful day! :)


Sounds like you might have to ditch the mei tai. A weight as heavy as Dao's needs to be on your hips, not your shoulders.
And the start of mamahood is the most physically taxing. The schlepping, I promise you, will get easier.
Are you ready to give yourself a few hours' break? Sounds like you need one!


They are beyond cute!
Adorable even!

ann adams

Sorry Cluttergirl. I'm guilty of lurking.

I wish I had some advice but other than not carrying him quite so much I can't think of anything to help.


I'm sore all the time and I'm younger than must be a Mom thing. I think Yondalla's right..the dog should pull the sleigh. Or Dao could ride on the dog? Hmm. Either way, I appreciate the reviews. I'm considering getting one of those potties now, I don't like ours.


Yes, I second/third/fourth the motion, get a harness for Gretchen, she can pull a sled all day as well as any Husky!
But I'm w/ya, babe, on the aches n' pains... Find a NSAID that doesn't tear up your bladder or stomach (Tylenol's my personal choice) & keep moving. Yoga's great for lower back pain too.
I personally am getting ready to go see my "hand dr" since I have been getting these horrendous crippling pains in my R [dominant!] hand, I'm afraid it's arthritis.
Hang in there!


I'm sorry about your aches. God Bless.

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