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Sunday, November 25, 2007



I am in the exact same boat, fearing my own personality.

I know how it is. For me to dislike people so much, it sure is odd to crave them and judge myself on my current lack of friends.

The games we play on ourselves... It's like some of us remain in the teenaged years.


Just wanted to say I hear you. It's hard balancing being a mom, and being who we are/were/will be... and wondering. Pink


I wonder if every first time parent goes through this questioning of ourselves. I've been doing it this year because I miss my old social life even though I love being a parent.

Hang in there it will eventually balance out.


I feel like someone enacted a mercy killing on my poor pathetic libido, and frankly it's a relief. If I could get away with paying even LESS attenton to how I look, believe me, I'd do it.
I operate in my job at maybe 60% capacity & while I appreciate the lack of stress, I'm starting to realize, now that my daughter's 5 1/2, that raising her cannot be the sole justification of my existence.
Clutter, you've accomplished a lot in the past few years. ENjoy your son. Once you've lined up daycare you'll get into a routine from which you will once again be producing superlative work.
We're rootin' for ya.


It's a huge huge adjustment -- probably even more so in an adoption, in which your body has not had those 9 + mos of biological preparation! So give yourself a break, things will all work out.
Best wishes, Val

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    Andrea U'Ren: Pugdog
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    Peter Parnell: And Tango Makes Three
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